Monday, January 12, 2009

Fun in Your Art Corner

What kind of art do you enjoy? Is it painting, drawing, creating collages? There are so many types of art, I like to do them all. I can't seem to get my mind on just one thing. I think for awhile I am going to stick with one kind of art and then I get bored and I want to change it up, what about you are you like that too? My mind stays so full with wanting to create new things that I can't get them all out and then I sometimes just get frustrated and don't create at all. Since before Christmas I have been in a rut, I told my husband I was going to have to start painting again, We have a Horse Quest going on now in our DAWG group, I am starting on a couple now, hopefully I will get them done in a couple days. I do better in a quiet enviroment, lately my home with remodeling and such has not been quiet, at all! :) Wish me luck! Hope you get some creative things done too! Come visit my site on bonanzle and see my art!!

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