Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Sign on the dotted Line for LIFE

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For many years I have felt that we all need to sign our organ donor card!

We have a special lady in our church that has a donated heart for 19 years now! 19 years of smiles, tears, joy, love, Spring, Winter, Summer, Autumn, 19 years more of seeing her grandkids, spending time with her husband, Praising GOD!, helping others, 19 years more of seeing the world around her. She is in wonderful health, a blessing of a gift for her! Just this week I found out a friend that I had not connected with in awhile has liver cancer and waiting on a donor! I try my best to encourage all to sign their donor card on the back of the Driver's License and you can go here or to what ever state you live in and sign up so if something does happen to you, your organs will go on helping people to experience LIFE!! If this is something you have not thought about, it's time to start thinking!!

Some Amazing Facts

THE BASIC FACTS The total number of patients waiting for an organ transplant today numbers more than 103,000.

On average, eighteen people die everyday in the U.S. while awaiting a lifesaving organ transplant. Another name is added to the waiting list every 11 minutes--48,928 in 2008. In the TDS area (Tennessee and Virginia), about 4,600 people are on the waiting list, yet annually only approximately 380 people donate one or more organs upon death.

A total of 27,958 organ transplants were performed in the United States during 2008.

Yet in 2008, there were only 7,985 people who donated one or more organs upon death. There were another 6,214 living organ donors. In 2008, 6,229 Americans - one person every 84 minutes - died while waiting for a transplant.

A wonderful new show on NewsChannel 5 Three Rivers is all about organ donation. Sunday Nights! Watch it and you will see what it means if you are on the recieving side of getting a donation!
Take a moment today and sign up and encourage all your family to do so!


readingsully2 said...

Very worthwhile.

Paper Moon Delights said...

Thanks I sure wish more people thought so!!

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