Saturday, September 11, 2010

9/11 What does it Mean to you??

Well this year it has made me think more of the troops that is working in other countries to ensure our safety against terrorists!  This year we have someone that is close to us, my daughter's boyfriend has just left for Afghanistan for a year, seeing him off to leave for there, was a very sobering thing! 
To actually watch all those men carrying their packs and preparing to leave knowing some of their friends and troop members would more than likely not be coming back, was very heart aching for me.  But they were solider men, and Joel "our solider" was a very strong, military man, never letting any emotion show, even with his mom, dad or my daughter.

It takes a lot to be a solider, a true solider, knowing you are going to battle, some may never see battle or gun fire, but this troop will.  I ask for your prayers for Joel and his squad.  The next year will definitely mean something different to me, my eyes were opened that night.  Everyone should be able to see what I was able to see and experience.  Just once and you would feel different too!

God bless all the troops who are BY CHOICE, yes! but for us they are fighting and protecting against all the bad people in the world trying to make it safe for us to live in the USA!!  The Land of FREE!

Take a moment and say a prayer each day for all of the soldiers!  Especially Joel and My Daughter~!


Marlene said...

I do pray for our troops every day. I also will never forget the tragedy of that horrible day when we were attacked by those cowards.

Kathleen said...

Amen, Lisa and Amen, Marlene!

Creations By Lisak said...

Thanks Girls, I totally agree!!

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