Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Turn your world PINK! :)

“Surround yourself with people you love and tell them your fears and desires and how you want to be during that time. Let people in."

Breast Cancer Awarness Month

pink is a show of unity

Part of turning October pink is as simple as it sounds: making the color more visible—showing it off wherever you can (see our list of ideas below). Just like wearing the classic pink ribbon, it's a show of strength in the fight for the cure, promoting awareness of the mission to end breast cancer.

simple ideas for keeping the pink

Wear something pink and coordinate with others to do the same

Have a pink bake sale (use pink frosting, sprinkles, etc.) and donate all proceeds to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation®

Put a pink ribbon on your door facing the street

Get pink flowers or plant some in your garden

Buy a pink gift for friends—or wrap one in pink paper or with a pink ribbon

Write notes to friends or family on pink stationery or using a pink pen

Get your pet a pink collar

Turn your computer background pink

However you choose to pay tribute to pink this month, be sure to have honest conversations about breast cancer with the women in your life—facts or feelings or both. Take the time to think about what pink means—love, health, support—and just talk about it. And most importantly, talk about being self-aware when it comes to breast health, getting regular checkups and how mammograms save lives.

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