Thursday, December 11, 2008

What is your favorite hobby?

You know lots of people have different hobbies, some make them into their way of income, others just use them as a fun activity. I enjoy painting, drawing and taking photographs. I always used that for my little bit of income, while I have been an at home mom for 24 years now. My oldest is 24 and my youngest is almost 17. I don't really have a hobby that I do just to be doing it. I know my husband and son love to hunt, paintball, do reinactments and that is all for fun! I find myself with really "no" just for fun hobbies! I love to travel and the beach and I are connected some how, but of course it takes money to do that much. I don't have any of that so I am in search of something "fun" to do as a hobby! It's puts my mind to searching and thinking, I have worked so hard for so long on every "so called" fun thing I have done for 25 years. Photography is a fun thing for me, but I am always trying to sell my photography to make money. What about you? Tell me what you think about your hobby? Leaving you with a pondering thought, "Hobby-An activity or interest pursued outside one's regular occupation and engaged in primarily for pleasure. hobbyist" Well that puts me in a delimna!!!

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