Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Christmas Time is Coming.........

Wow I can't believe how fast the holidays speed by us and we hardly even know they were here! Someone our busyiness has gotten the true meaning away from Christmas, Jesus and his birth on this day. I think with the economy this year everyone is spending less and maybe taking more time to do things together with your family, making gifts and slowing this crazy pace we have all joined in over the years, I know I am tired of it. I want to de-stress and slow my world down and enjoy this Christmas for the real reason of My Saviour's birth. What a blessing Christmas should be to all of us, so when you get stressed and out of sorts take a moment to Thank God for all his goodness and remember this season isn't about all the presents, buying and etc. It is about Celebrating Jesus' Birth and a time to slow down and enjoy our time with our families! May God Bless you all have give you peace within yourself to find a way out of all the craziness!

Merry and Blessed Christmas Lisa

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