Thursday, August 13, 2009

What is some of your favorite things?

What is your favorite things??

Do you take them forgranted sometimes or do give thanks for them!

They are so many things!! Let me hear some of yours!

Here are some of mine!

Spending time with my wonderful husband of almost 28 years!!

My Three Beatiful Kids! and now 2 son in laws!

My Family, I was the baby here!

The Ocean, my favorite place to go! Oh by far!!

I LOVE Snow! Especially being out in it when the snowflakes are fallling from the sky! What a wonderful experience! :)

Some more of my favorite things


*Of Course-Taking Photos!

*Painting and Drawing



*Fresh Grown Tomatoes, FOR SURE!

*Turkey and Dressing #1 food!

*My online friends

*Thunderstorms and Dreary days, Yes!

*Tennessee Fall Leaves Breathtaking

*Yellow Roses

*Old Photos, Great memories!

*The Waltons


*My Baby Dog Muffin

Hope you will also post some of your favorite things! ;)


Marlene said...

Hi Lisa, that is a hard one as I have so many favorite things, it would be easier to say when isn't my favorite thing, but here goes:
*My husband and family
*walking on the beach
*gazing at the sky at our mountain home
*lobster, crab, and halibut
*fresh homemade bread still warm with butter and homemade jam.
*ice cream
*The cool crisp air in the early fall and all the colored leaves.
*beautiful spring flowers
*The smell after a rainstorm
There are more but that's it for now.

Paper Moon Delights said...

I know there are so many favorites, and I look at your list and think oh the fresh homemade bread is a favorite of mine, thanks for sharing your favorites!! Makes you stop and think for a moment doesn't it! Hugs Lisa

readingsully2 said...

I good go on and on about this one. :) Maybe my photographs are the best example. LOL

Aloquin said...

OK I'm going to try here... lol.

1. My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ

2. My husband and precious children, Kyle and David (David is 13 now! From a previous relationship...)

3. Also, the beach. I haven't been yet this summer... having serious withdrawal issues.

4. Autumn. Absolutely my favorite time of year.

5. Drawing. Drawing. Drawing.

6. Making ACEOs.

7. Radiohead and The Decemberists!

I could go on... but would likely crash the server with too much info! :)

Jan said...

Oh, my, that's tough! As everyone has said - there are so many favorites.

1. My relationship with God
2. My family
3. Art & especially getting new art supplies!
4. Fresh washed sheets dried in the sun
5. Taking photographs
6. Fresh vegetables
7. The smell of a horse

Oh, yes, fresh homemade bread and fresh homegrown tomatoes - so much more!

Paper Moon Delights said...

I love hearing your favorites, keep them coming! ;)

DEB said...

My favorite thing is life!!

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