Tuesday, April 6, 2010

What Delights Your Senses In Photography

I see the earth springing to life and I want to capture it all on film.  I love taking photos!  Anything and everything!!  With photography there are so many, endless subjects that catch your eye to snap. 
I am a nature person for sure!!
I can never get enough of the beauty that God has given us for our delight!
Breath taking bursts of color in flowers, and green grass!

A Sunset or sunrise that will make you melt in totally contentment when you view it.  I want to be able to capture it forever!  The best things in life are given freely to us from God! 

 I try to remember to thank him everyday for all the glory around us!
This is my weeping Cherry Tree in my front yard, it brings me totally bliss when it blooms!!

What do you enjoy the most when you are taking photos?? Let me hear from you!


Marlene said...

Gorgeous photos Lisa, I really love the grape hyacinth.

DEB said...

I agree with Marlene - The hyacinth are breathtaking!

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