Friday, August 8, 2008

Friday Blues!!! :(

Last night we were going to bed and Stephen found a little knot on Muffin's side I am going to call the vet this morning, please pray for her, she is the light of my days. I got Muffin not by chance but by the grace of God I know. I had gotten my 2nd hystorectomy nearly 3 years ago and I was so depressed it was about to do me in, and I decided I wanted to get another little dog, we had a yorkie, Romeo 14 years old that we had to put to sleep a few years back, he would never fully potty train him self and was a wild crazy little dog. So Stephen was very leary of getting another house dog but he seen how much pain I was in, so I searched for a few weeks and then he came home one day and said he was at Lowe's Store and seen this women with a tiny little dog and he asked her where she got well I then called the woman and she said she didn't have anymore of them but she had one little baby left from another set so the next day we drove 2 hours to get there and then when I seen her I fell in love with this sweet little "angel" to me!!! One tiny ball of fur, she was already using pee pads, I knew she was truly given to me by God because of the way she came to me! This little dog has been my constant companion everyday since then. I don't know what I would do without her and neither does Stephen!! Please pray with us that this is nothing, she has been having some bladder or kidney infections so I am hoping this might just be something from that.

Muffin when I was bringing her home!! :)


Joann said...

Lisa, I will keep little Muffin in my's probably just a little harmless cyst... I had a dog that would get those....we will pray it's something simple like that. Little Muffin is so cute! :)

lisak said...

Thanks so much Joann, she is my little babydoll, she doesn't know she is a dog!!

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